Ron is at it again! Although technically this was an unpaid photography job we jumped on the chance and gratefully benefited fabulously in many ways! Ron managed to sweet talk himself onto a support/committee boat for the annual Round Bowen Sailing Race, the largest single start in North America, as the “unofficial photographer.” (Of course I asked, “Have you got room for one more?”)
Below is his photo that made it to the front page of Bowen Island’s Local paper the Undercurrent.

Interesting fact: The Round Bowen Sailing Race has the largest number of boats that line up before a line that is created by two anchored markers in the sea. The start of the race is overseen and counted down by the skilled, watchful eye of the Commodore, as he signals for the horn to bellow the largest single start in all of North America. We felt privileged to be at “The Start House” once again to witness this very exciting event as over 150 boats and crew ready themselves against the pressure of the ticking clock counting down, adjust to changeable winds in split seconds and jockey themselves into position behind a single start line without colliding. It’s a thrilling event!

Even though this was an technically an unpaid photography job the perks were wonderful. We were offered a complimentary entrance fee, we got an invitation to the Start House with wonderful hosts and enjoyed coffee and pastries in the morning and later transitioned to wine and lovely appetizers when the sailboats rounded the corner heading for the finish line, a 5-hour boat ride on one of the event committee boats, free alcohol beverages at the culmination of the race and complimentary admission to the live dance band. And to top it off Ron got a stylish black Mercedes Benz cap! We appreciated the generosity of the organizing committee and had a wonderful time completely gratis.

You can find more of Ron’s Round Bowen Sailing Race 2016 photos at his Van Dyke SmugMug website.

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