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We provide you with REAL photography jobs so you can start making money today, client databases, comprehensive photography resources, tips, and encouragement for you to pluck up the courage, embrace your camera and travel to world destinations like us! Find active vacancies for travel photography jobs including freelance travel opportunities. Give the job board a try.

At our primary goal is to provide “means to income streams” and help support beginner photographers to support themselves and profit from their creative talents. We provide you with a photography specific job board and a safety net of resources and information to support you along the way.

Our secondary goal is to encourage and motivate lovers of travel and photography, to develop their photography hobby and enrich their lives. This is of particular interest to expats, digital nomads and retirees.

And we are genuinely interested in developing a community of like-minded folks who are passionate about travel and photography, like us. We would like to get to know you and hear about your photographic experiences and travel journeys!

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Inside your free report download are three valuable resources to get you started:

1. A wonderful, visual roadmap in the form of a “no frills” graphic, Photographic Markets Arranged by Income Stream, David A. Larsen /

2. Links to 20 Top Stock Photography Agencies.

3. Link to our Travel Photography Job Board.

And Secret Weapon Tools in the following emails.

The Photographic Markets Arranged by Income Stream graphic enables you to understand and grasp the scope of numerous and varied “means to income streams” that are available for you to tap into and start making money.

It is important to share this graphic with you because it’s a helpful learning tool to clarify the confusing and sometimes overwhelming abundance of photography markets paths. This graphic illustrates a clear visual representation of photography markets laid out in a simple, uncomplicated way.

We recommend printing this graphic and have it handy to refer to it when considering what market(s) appeal to you.  This graphic is a simple tool to help you: turn your hobby into a profession or broaden your reach and enter into the world of professional photography. What markets do you want to tap into?

Included are links to 20 Top Stock Photography Agencies. Stock Agencies are a great way to get started selling photos online quickly. We suggest reviewing each Stock Photography Agency on the list to familiarize yourself with the process, find which ones(s) meet your needs and income goals. Once you choose your agency it’s a straightforward process of signing up, then simply start uploading your photos.

Consider visiting the Job Board on our travel photos riches website often. There are new and real travel and photography jobs posted daily on our Job Board.

Digital cameras, cell phone cameras and the internet have opened up endless opportunities for anyone who has the determination to go grab them. We have become web-based societies, therefore the online demand for photos is growing day after day. Good news for us photographers! Today, the work is more accessible than ever before, finding travel photography jobs online has never been easier, and this results in space for all of us to join in on the profits and fun. 

If freelance travel photography is your hankering, does the stress melt off your shoulders at the thought of being your own boss? Can you think of any better job in the world? Staying cozy in bed on a Monday morning when everybody else is grumpy, dragging themselves off to work in the cold rain or snow?  Or on the flip-side, being so excited to jump out of bed while the rooster crows because you just can’t wait to get that morning shot of your dreams in the “golden hour!” 

Imagine saying these three words, “Bye Bye Boss.”

Imagine travelling to exciting world destinations, deriving creative inspiration and feeding your photography cravings while soaking in your surroundings and relaxing in the sunshine at gorgeous locations like this in Mexico and many other beautiful world destinations.

photo man, dog, poolside with ocean view, tenacatita bay, boca de iguanas, la manzanilla, jalisco, mexico destination

Here is a photo of Ron (with Golden Lab Bea) studying the light, preparing for his next photo shoot at stunning Coconuts by the Sea, Tenacatita Bay, La Manzanilla, Jalisco, Mexico.

photo, Festive street life, donkeys, people and giant puppets, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Giant puppets, decorated donkeys and vibrant street scene, San Miguel de Allende, Gto., Mexico

Three key benefits:

1. Saving Time – We make it easy for you to find travel and photography jobs, applying filters to our job board so it only targets jobs pertaining to travel and photography. 

2. Quality Information – We provide you with quality and comprehensive photography revenue stream resources such as: job board, stock and micro stock agency directory and agency representation contact information. 

3. Make Money Easier and Faster – By saving you time we make it easier and faster for you to start earning an income from your photography.

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We hope that you enjoy getting paid for your photography talents and enriching your life with experiences dear to your heart – travel and photography.

To your freelance travel photography success!

Brenda Reid & Ron Van Dyke

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