Establishing your niche as a photographer makes you a specialist in your chosen field and is vitally important if you want to:

  • set yourself apart from your competitors.
  • position yourself to earn money.
  • encourage clients to seek out your services.

Think of the field of photography in relation to the field of medicine.

In medicine, a doctor starts as a general practitioner, GP. Their specialty/niche could be a cardiology.

In photography, you start as a general photographer, GP. Your specialty/niche, could be sports photography, specifically horse racing and you own a Nikon D500 DSLR Camera known to shoot fast, fast sports photography.

If you are just getting started with the concept of selling your photos online and in print, start by thinking about what you already know and shoot. Chances are this is what you like best. Drill down and focus on what sets you apart from your competitors. What specifically can you do that few people do? Or what do you do best?

Is there something only you have access to? For example, your friend is a doctor and they grant you after-hour access to the doctor’s waiting room area and treatment rooms. You would then take your Nikon D500 camera and create photos of the office and surroundings and upload your specialty images to stock and micro-stock agencies for sale. Or perhaps only you have access to the “Winner’s Circle” after a horse race?

Now you have positioned yourself to earn money.

Your specialty photos of the doctor’s office and surroundings are now readily available on stock and micro-stock agency websites, and sold to medical professionals searching for specific medical niche images to put on their own professional websites. Additionally, your specialty photos of the “Winner’s Circle” are available to be sold and used in print for an exclusive horse racing magazine.

Yuri Arcurs profile is in the Going Pro | How To Make Money Through Your Photography ebook. Yuri says, “If I were entering it now I would shoot content and subject matter that is hard to access. Let’s say you have a friend who’s a windsurfer, and he’s got all the right equipment—he can go out and set it up so that’s done right. He can do it in a way that looks cool, and you can spend endless hours photographing him; it doesn’t cost you anything, but you are getting content that is very hard to access. Other professional stock photographers cannot compete with something like that, because they do not have the resources or setup to go out and pursue something like that with as much passion and knowledge as you could.”

“Yuri Arcurs website goes on to say, “Yuri Arcurs is the world’s top selling stock photographer for four successive years and is also the number one selling photographer on all stock agencies that represent his collection. This includes the world’s absolute biggest agencies such as, (Getty Images) and

As a consequence of this, Yuri Arcurs is rated as one of the highest earning photographers in the world…”

The niche topics are vast. But you already have a penchant for something, and something that you most likely are shooting already in a generalist way. Now focus in. What drives you? Makes you excited to jump out of bed to get that shot? What do you have exclusive access to that no one else has?

Once you have established yourself as a specialist in your niche, clients will seek out your services.

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