Ever Wondered How to Start A Photography Career?

This Graphic Clearly Indicates Many Photography Income Markets.

Here is a wonderful, “no frills” graphic, Photographic Markets Arranged by Income Stream, David A. Larsen / Shutha.org

It is important to share this graphic with you because it is a helpful learning tool to clarify career paths and the confusing and sometimes overwhelming abundance of photography market paths. This graphic illustrates a clear visual representation of photography markets laid out in a simple, uncomplicated way.

The Photographic Markets Arranged by Income Stream graphic enables you understand and grasp the scope of numerous and varied “means to income streams” that are available for you to tap into and start making money.

We recommend printing out this graphic and have it handy to refer to it when considering what market(s) appeal to you. This graphic is a simple tool to help you: turn your hobby into a profession or broaden your reach and enter into the world of professional photography or embark on your photography career. What markets do you want to tap into?