Serious about making money with your photography?

We highly recommend this ebook Going Pro – How To Make Money Through Your Photography.

Part 2 of this ebook deals exclusively with finding buyers for your creative works.

Here is a look at the Table of Contents:


A note from Darren Rowse–Editor of dPS_ _______________________________ 4
About the Author_____________________________________________________ 4
Wanted: Photographer, No Experience Necessary________________________ 5
What You’ll Find in Going Pro__________________________________________ 6
What it Takes to Succeed (Hint: it’s Not Talent)____________________________ 7
The Human Element of Getting Gigs_____________________________________ 8
Exercise: What Does Success Look Like?_________________________________ 8

PART 1–CHOOSING A BUSINESS MODEL_____________________ 9

Photography as Service______________________________________________ 10
Editorial Photography________________________________________________ 11
Photojournalism_____________________________________________________ 12
Getting Started: Editorial Photography & Photojournalism___________ 13
Pitching a Story plus Photos_____________________________________ 14
Buyer Profile: Charles Borst_____________________________________ 15
Commercial Photography____________________________________________ 17
Getting Started: Commercial____________________________________ 18
Buyer Profile: Christina Villaflor, Art Producer______________________ 19
Buyer Profile: Lonnie Tapia, Web Strategist, Designer & Blogger_____ 22
Weddings & Portraiture______________________________________________ 24
Getting Started: Weddings & Portraiture__________________________ 25
Buyer Profile: Viva Max Kaley, Wedding Planner__________________ 26
Photography as Product______________________________________________ 28
Direct Sales – Art & Craft Fairs, Selling Online_ _________________________ 29
Getting Started: Print Sales_____________________________________ 30
Photographer Profile: Robert Rodriguez, Jr., Landscape Photographer_ _ 31
Fine Art Photography________________________________________________ 35
Getting Started: Fine Art Photography____________________________ 36
Photographer Profile: Yola Monakhov, Fine Art Photographer________ 37
Expert Profile: Jen Bekman, Gallerist_____________________________ 39
Stock Photography__________________________________________________ 42
Model & Property Releases___________________________________________ 43
Getting Started: Selling Stock_ __________________________________ 44
Profiting from Microstock_______________________________________ 45
Photographer Profile: Yuri Arcurs, Microstock Photographer_________ 46
Expert Profile: Jesse Hughes, Director of Sales & Marketing__________ 50
Expert Profile: Ellen Boughn, Stock Photography Consultant__________ 52
Other Business Models_______________________________________________ 54
Workshops_________________________________________________________ 55
Photo Tourism_ _____________________________________________________ 55
Post-production/Retouching___________________________________________ 55
Writing____________________________________________________________ 56
Graphic or Web Design_ ____________________________________________ 56
Photographer Profile: Susannah Conway, Teacher & Author_________ 57

PART 2–FINDING BUYERS_____________________________________60

Marketing Basics____________________________________________________ 61
Increasing Visibility__________________________________________________ 62
Building Relationships_______________________________________________ 62
Etiquette___________________________________________________________ 62
Portfolio and Website________________________________________________ 63
Website Checklist___________________________________________________ 64
Essential Elements of a Website:______________________________________ 64
Website Dos, Website Don’ts_________________________________________ 65
Importance of Style__________________________________________________ 65
Exercise: Developing Your Own Style._________________________________ 65
Selling the Service___________________________________________________ 66
What it Takes______________________________________________________ 67
Picking a Specialty__________________________________________________ 68
The Sweet Spot: Specialty + Market___________________________________ 68
Expert Profile: Suzanne Sease, Photography Marketing Consultant____ 69
Marketing to Businesses______________________________________________ 73
Marketing to Individuals_____________________________________________ 74
Making the Most of a Wedding Show____________________________ 75
Selling the Product__________________________________________________ 76
Stock: Shooting for a Long Shelf Life___________________________________ 77
Fine Art: The Portfolio Review_________________________________________ 78
Selling Direct: Driving Online Print Sales________________________________ 79
Go Forth and Shoot!_________________________________________________ 80
Appendix__________________________________________________________ 81

If you really want to increase your chances of landing high quality jobs (and continue getting paid work) then we cannot recommend this particular ebook Going Pro – How to Make Money Through Your Photography enough and they have a have 60 days money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

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