About Brenda Reid

We are Brenda Reid and Ron Van Dyke, digital nomads from Vancouver, B.C., Canada currently "on assignment" living between Canada and the Unesco World Heritage site of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico (also voted as the best city in the world to live by Condé Nast) fulfilling our dream of making a living from freelance photography to supplement and support our travel habit. Ronald Van Dyke, former Western Canada Regional Sales Manager in the pharmaceutical industry for over 25 years. Ron immerses himself in his loves of photography and music. Brenda Reid is a former local government employee working in office administration. Brenda created and maintains the Travel Photos Riches website and is a lover of the no-muss-no-fuss style of point 'n shoot photography. Brenda is a singer songwriter and loves music.

B & H vs Amazon | Customer Service, Shipping to Mexico & B & H Camera Deals

Here is my review of B & H vs Amazon regarding Customer Service, Shipping to Mexico and bonus link to B & H Camera and photography Deals for the holidays.  I finalized two separate camera and photography [...]

Best Mexico Beach Hotel | Coconuts by the Sea, La Manzanilla, Mexico

Hi y’all, this is an unabashed plug for one of our best friends in Mexico, Cissie Jones, who runs a lovely vacation rental property in La Manzanilla, Mexico [...]

Best Stock Photography Agencies List

To get you up and running as quickly as possible and help you land your dream freelance photography job as soon as possible, so here’s what we suggest you to do. First [...]

Camera Rental | Lens Rental | Rent Instead Of Buy Photography Equipment

Do you lack the necessary camera, lens or photography equipment because you can't afford it? I came across this great option to rent a camera, rent a lens or rent all types [...]

How Do I Start A Photography Career? Graphic of Income Markets

Ever Wondered How to Start A Photography Career? This Graphic Clearly Indicates Many Photography Income Markets. Here is a wonderful, "no frills" graphic, Photographic Markets Arranged by Income Stream, David A. Larsen / Shutha.org [...]

20 Best Freelance Photography Job Boards Online

International Living - Travel Photography Additional Freelance Job Boards courtesy of FreshBooks: People Per Hour: A curated job board of freelance jobs. Get Photography Jobs: A curated list of jobs categorized by state. FlexJobs: Find telecommuting jobs [...]

Travel. Get Paid For Photos.

Travel, Get Paid For Your Photos. Profit from Your Travel and Photography Passions. Find photography jobs. Make Money. We support freelance travel photographers by providing "means to income streams." DO [...]

Digital Photography Camera Basics – Exposure, Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed & Depth of Field

LEARN THE CORNERSTONE OF DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY CAMERA BASICS EXPOSURE It’s all about the light! As beginners in digital photography you’ve no doubt experienced that some of your images will come out horribly [...]

How To Be A Photographer – No Experience Confidence Booster

Do you wonder how to be a photographer with no experience or very limited experience? Do you really want to be a photographer in the real world, but lack confidence or feel a little embarrassed or [...]

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